Monday, April 15, 2013

Musing on Psalm 62:8, Pour It Out

This is a Psalm of David. Sometimes it blows my mind how he put his faith and trust in God especially in troubled times.

I love this picture with this Psalm. Pouring out our heart--just small us. A vapor in the wind. A withering sliver of grass. It must seem so microscopic, like this trickle of water surrounded by the vast mountains and valleys.

But pouring out our heart isn't just a small trickle. It has the power to move these mountains!

I can't wait to talk about pouring ourselves out, like water on Wednesday! It's a fascinating concept to me. But today, let's just take a few minutes to muse on this verse.

Musing/Meditation Prompts: Take a few minutes to look at this picture and imagine yourself pouring out. All around you are mountains that need to be moved. What would your heart pouring out like water look like? How would it sound? How would it feel? Maybe you need to pause and actually cry out and pour out. Notice the first sentence of this verse: Trust in Him at all times. I love how God prefaces us to trust Him at all times before telling us to pour out our heart. Hearts can be hurt and He's letting you know that He won't hurt your heart. You can be vulnerable. You can pour it all out to Him. He's your refuge. He's a safe place to tuck into.

Notice how the mountains seem dark, but the sun is peeking over them as that trickle of water pours out into a sea of waters. When I see it, I think new mercies every morning and also the verse from that song: It's a new dawn, it's a new day…and I'm feelin fiiiine. Is that Buble?

In this context, what does the sun peeking over mean to you?


  1. Ooh, this is awesome. I especially love the part about there being power in pouring ourselves out to God. It's so true. Something I want to remember when I'm tempted to hold back...

    As for the sun peeking out, to me it means God is always there...looking over everything...the mountains can try to hide him but they sure can't stop him. :)

  2. I was at church yesterday and the pastor was talking bout Psalm 32 and how David was telling God "you are my hiding place"--a place where you can be safe and catch your breath. I love how God's Word all crosses together. :)
    You can go to God, be safe, catch your breath and pour your heart out, and that light peaking is like freedom from all that worry/heaviness.

  3. Love the encouragement you always, always give!

  4. Love the thought of pouring ourselves out to HIM. So often I ask Him to do that for me and forget how much He loves it when we do the same.

  5. The sun is that sweet glimmer of hope. God's presence shining through the darkness to let us know that He is there.

  6. I love that Psalm! Beautiful...

    I like Sheri's thoughts - The sun is that sweet glimmer of hope.

  7. It reminds me that this disappointing, imperfect life doesn't get the last laugh. Beautiful and insightful post like always. :-)


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