Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Knot Again!

I thought how fun it would be to title this Christmas in July until I realized, July is behind us.

My kids go back to school tomorrow. I have a daughter in high school. Do I really even have to ask you for prayer on that one? I didn't think so. Thanks for praying for me. And for her.

I've been going to the gym with my maniac husband six days a week. I'm working into my fifth week--I think (Remember I thought it was July until a few minutes ago). The other morning, I grabbed my earbuds and the cord was tangled into this ridiculous knot.

My first thought was, "Got a little knot here, Russ. You work on that." Did you guess the movie?

Christmas Vacation. I love those crazy Griswolds.

I was on a time crunch--had to get out the door and to the gym by five a.m. So I started shaking, tugging, stretching and you know what I did?

I made the knot worse.

Which irritated the snot out of me.

I was ready for that crazy knot to be
untangled so I could move on with my day.

Knots aren't always quick fixes. The bigger and tighter the knot, the harder to unwind it--to make it straight.

It takes several deep breaths before a close examination.

You pick one strand to work with. And you use that strand to dip under, through and around until you can break free. Even if a little.

It takes a few minutes of concentration, patience, and endurance.

But when the knot is untangled, you can move on with your day. With your life.

You ever get knots in your life? You neglect it and becomes entangled with other areas of neglect or dare I say unconfessed sin?

You may think, "I ought to just go for the world record of the largest sin and neglect knot. I could win the Guinness."

One big knot looks daunting.

But one strand…

I thought about Russ's father, Clark, leaving him there to untangle that huge knot all by himself. The look on that boy's face was utter hopelessness.

God never leaves us to sort out our own knots. While we're jerking, shaking, and getting frustrated trying to do it on our own. He patiently waits for us to bring it to Him.

Sometimes He helps us in a matter of minutes. And sometimes we have to work that one strand for a period of time.

But He never leaves us or disappoints us. Not like Russ's dad.

Maybe it's a bundle of nerves. A knot of despair. A ball of worry. Whatever it is, you can take it to God and He'll help you straighten it out.

"Disciples so often get into trouble; still, God is there every time."
Psalm 34:9 MSG 

What's got you in knots today? 
And how can I pray for you?


  1. That's one of my favorite movies! I often work into a knot of insecurity - am I good enough??? It's one God and I are often untangling. Keeps me close to Him for sure:)
    I'll be praying for your knots too:)

  2. Love that movie. My son is starting preschool on the 21st. Which is harder--a kid starting preschool or high school? They both sound pretty stinkin' scary. I'll be praying for you and your daughter!

  3. Big fat amen to this: God never leaves us to sort out our own knots. SO TRUE. Kills me when I realize I've been striving and slaving over something for hours (or um days, weeks, months, you know) without stopping and praying and letting God take over.

    Lately the knot tying me up is busyness and too many things happening at once. Good things. But it's knotting up my focus, that's for sure.

  4. Love, love, love!! The idea that God doesn't leave us to untangle our own knots is so reassuring. Seriously.

    The knot lately in my life is thinking too much about the future. Struggling against worry...but not really worry so much as impatience to know God's plan. Just trying to live day to day and trust Him more.

  5. Jess, this was great!

    Christmas Vacation is an annual staple at our house. Who can't relate in some way to the Griswolds? LOL

    Loved your analogy of bringing our "knots" before God. So true!

  6. Jess, your funny, honest words made me laugh out loud and then tears well up. Man, I LOVE this: "God never leaves us to sort out our own knots." Gives a whole new meaning to those hard days. Hugs!

  7. Love this, Jessica. Thank God He doesn't leave us to untangle the mess alone! He is so good. I'm working knots of insecurity and fear regarding my writing. I keep reminding myself that my future is in God's hands, and as long as I'm abiding in Him and living to please Him, I can't mess things up. But I still worry, and so I make the knot bigger. It's time to sort out those strands. :-) I'll be praying for your daughter.

  8. My knots are constant reminders of the failures I've had in life. And while I know they aren't from the Lord, they still manage to tangle me up!

    Thank God for the strength to get free from our past!


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