Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Keep It Humble Part 8: Don't End up Grazing

 “Be of the same mind toward one another. Do not set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble. Do not be wise in your own opinion.” Romans 12:16 NKJV

Today we’re finishing our series on humility according to the passage here in Romans. I hope it’s benefited you and you’ve applied it in your own life.

When the new year rolls around, I’m sure we’ll talk more about humility and pride. It’s something everyone wrestles with.

To be of the same mind, according to the Greek word, means to be of the same mind i.e. agreed together, cherish the same views, be harmonious

Spend time with those who cherish the Lord as you do and are of low esteem—humble. Not 
too big for their britches.

You become who you spend time with.

It’s true.

Why do you think God wants your time so badly? So you’ll become more like him.

Do not be wise in your own opinion. In the KJV it says, “Be not wise in your own conceits.”
Conceits…conceited. The Message says, “Get along with each other; don’t be stuck-up. Make friends with nobodies; don’t be the great somebody.”

The truth is, without Christ, we are nothing. We can do nothing. We need his grace. His mercy. His forgiveness.

People who live this lifestyle, they are the ones we should be spending time with. Associating with. You and I? We don’t have it all together. We don’t know it all. And the moment we think we do, we could end up growing hair all over our bodies while our nails shoot out like claws and we settle for grazing in pastures!

Remember, King Neb? From the book of Daniel?

“But when his heart was lifted up, and his spirit was hardened in pride, he was deposed from his kingly throne, and they took his glory from him. Then he was driven from the sons of men, his heart was made like the beasts, and his dwelling was with the wild donkeys. They fed him with grass like oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till he knew that the Most High God rules in the kingdom of men, and appoints over it whomever He chooses.” Daniel 5:20-21

I’d kinda like to get a handle on pride now, as I’m not a fan of pastures or dew. Or grass—of any kind.

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.” 1 Peter 5:6

I’d much rather God raise me up than to do it myself and have Him bring me low. Amen?

Life Application: Spend some time asking God to search your heart and help you to see if you think you might be too big for your britches. Evaluate your friendships/networkings and ask God to reveal to you your motives behind them. If it’s about what they can do for you, how they make you look, if it’s about the value they bring to you based solely on who they are…you might want to pray through that. Who do associate with?

Prayer: God, we ask for a clear picture of our motives. Bring light to areas that are darkened by deceit and denial. Help us to learn to humble ourselves through your word—by being more than hearers but doers—so that we don’t have to be brought low through hard experiences. Give us grace when do have to. Teach us your ways. Guide us into truth. Let it illuminate each step we take. For your glory, In Jesus’ name, amen.

“Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it. Run for dear life from evil; hold on for dear life to good. Be good friends who love deeply; practice playing second fiddle. Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant. Don’t quit in hard times; pray all the harder. Help needy Christians; be inventive in hospitality. Bless your enemies; no cursing under your breath. Laugh with your happy friends when they’re happy; share tears when they’re down. Get along with each other; don’t be stuck-up. Make friends with nobodies; don’t be the great somebody. Romans 12:9-16 MSG”

Have you ever been humbled by God? What did you learn from that experience?


  1. This has been a wonderful series, Jess. Thank you so much! I love the life application part, because it challenged me. And poked me. And smacked me a couple of times. (I'll send you the dr. bill.) :) I've copied your words above onto a post-it note for my desk: "The truth is, without Christ, we are nothing. We can do nothing. We need his grace. His mercy. His forgiveness." Your heart after Him is beautiful, my Friend.

  2. I have so loved this series! Loved the life applications you've challenged us with. Um, yes, I've been humbled before in life, I'd rather just get rid of the pride now thank-you very much! I guess that's the lessons I've learned, to not even hold onto it in the first place!

  3. I think if we say we haven't been humbled at some point, we're probably not being truthful! But I have learned that it's much, much better to let God do the lifting up, so we don't become in danger of thinking we did it all ourselves.


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