Friday, October 10, 2014

Sarah Varland and the Cast of Tundra Threat

Hey everyone! Welcome author Sarah Varland to the blog today. Sarah's newest book, Tundra Threat has just released and we're going to play a few rounds of WYR with her and the cast as well as discover what inspired the book, and as an extra bonus Sarah is giving away one copy! 

Let's get started.

Would You Rather…

…do the laundry or do the dishes?

Sarah: Laundry. It’s pretty much my favorite chore ever. If you’re washing/drying clothes you can listen to the machines working while you read, which is awesome. And if you’re folding clothes, you can watch your favorite TV show (mine happens to be Gilmore Girls) and still be productive and not feel guilty!

Will: Washing and drying clothes is easy. And I have no problem pulling clean clothes straight out of the laundry basket to wear, so that’s no problem.

McKenna: Dishes. If I have to pick. Housework in general isn’t my thing.

…change something about your past or see what your future holds?

Sarah: I’m with McKenna on this one. It’d be nice to see the future, unless I didn’t like parts of it and then I think that would be hard. But I don’t have much about my past I’d care to change.

Will: There are things I wish I could go back and change. Things I wish I had said and done differently. But I’m learning that God really is in control and the past isn’t worth changing—He still works out our future.

McKenna: I’d love seeing the future. Although that’s because I like to try to prepare for things and control things, which you can’t always do…but I’m happy with my past for the most part, so I’m going with see the future.

…fly or read minds?

Sarah: I’m not really big into heights, so probably read minds. But I’d want it to be selective, since sometimes you really don’t want to know what other people are thinking. If there was an option to be able to swim and breathe underwater without any kind of scuba equipment, I’d take that one for sure. Swimming is a lot like flying…right?

Will: Since I’m a pilot, I’m guessing my answer is obvious here. I’ve wanted to fly as long as I can remember.

McKenna: Read minds! Imagine how much easier all of life would be if we could do this. And my job? It would save me so much time questioning suspects…

…feel emotional pain or nothing at all?
Sarah: Wow, this is a hard one! I think emotional pain. I think sometimes I pretend like I’d rather pick the other answer, but God made us people with passionate emotions and I think I’d rather feel something than nothing. That’s living, right?

Will: I’ve been through times where I felt intense sadness and times when I couldn’t feel anything even though I felt like I should. Pain if I had to pick, but if I get a vote here, I’d really like a few years of happiness.

McKenna: I have to be feeling something. I can’t even imagine feeling nothing at all. (I can just hear Will laughing in the background now. He knows how well I demonstrate my emotions. Poor man.)

Sarah, Will, McKenna, I love your answers. And I think you’re right, Sarah. Pain is a part of living for sure. Now, tell us what inspired this incredible story!

What inspired this story:
It’s funny because all of my stories seem to start differently. For Tundra Threat, I wanted to write about an Alaska Wildlife Trooper and I could just picture the character who would become McKenna, doing her job and kicking at the snow when she got upset (she’s always had a temper!). The scene I originally “saw” her in got deleted, but that’s where her character started. From there I wanted to find someone it didn’t seem logical for her to fall in love with, so I called my dad and he said “how about a hunting guide?” and it was the perfect (well, imperfect) match. From there everything else developed out of the characters.

Wow! My stories usually start with a scene too and it’s never an opening one. Ha! Thanks so much for being here, Sarah! It’s been the coolest. And because YOU guys have stopped by, you have the chance to enter below and receive Sarah’s book! There are all sorts of ways to win.

Here’s a peek at Sarah’s book: 
Buy the book! 

Two murdered men are the last thing wildlife trooper McKenna Clark expected to find in the stark Alaskan wilderness. As the only law enforcement in the area, the responsibility for the case rests on her shoulders—along with the danger. Hunting guide and pilot Will Harrison wants to ease the load, but McKenna balks at the thought of letting him close enough to break her heart again. When McKenna's investigations put her in harm's way, Will must race against the clock to save his second chance at love from becoming the killer's final victim.

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  1. Looks awesome, go Sarah! Can't wait to read it!

  2. I love all these great questions and answers. :) Sarah, you're book sounds great! I'm looking forward to reading it.

  3. Ok. You got me with her kicking the snow. LOL. That is something I so would do if I was ticked off! Great to meet you, Sarah!

  4. Thanks everyone for stopping in and congratulating Sarah and participating! Have a great weekend!

  5. Loved reading these answers!
    I'd go with feeling pain too. I was just reading a devotion recently that perhaps it's the pain in our lives or experience that draws us to rely on God more and grow closer to Him.
    I am so entering that book giveaway!

  6. Fun interview, Jessica and Sarah! Congratulations on your second LIS Sarah!!!


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