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***Spoiler Alert*** If you haven't read Fatal Reunion yet, some of the questions have spoilers!

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Fatal Reunion Discussion Questions:

1. Piper Kennedy has made some bad choices in her teenage years and is now facing those consequences. Have you ever had to "face the music" so to speak? How did you handle dealing with the consequences of your choices?

2. Luke is a "fixer." Since he was a little boy, he's always wanted to fix something whether it was an animal or a toy, but he realizes that he's been trying to fix Piper and he knows that he can't. Are you a "fixer" by nature? Has trying to fix someone ever backfired? Do you agree with Luke that we can't fix anyone. Why or why not?

3. Mama Jean tells Piper that healing won't come without a little pain. Do you agree with this? Why or why not? 

4. Piper believes that God might be mad at her and she's been relying on Karate as her strength. When her dojo burns down, everything she's trusted in turns to literal ash. Why do you think we tend to trust more in ourselves than God? 

5. Have you ever been betrayed before? Did you ever find the strength to forgive? Piper thinks about all the mess she created after she gave her heart to Jesus as a child. She says He knew that she would betray him time and again with her sins and yet He died for her and accepted her anyway. How does that make you feel as someone who misses the mark (like we all do). Have you ever thought of your sins as betrayals? Does that help you in making the choice to forgive someone who betrayed you? Why or why not?

6. There's a big twist at the end of the story. Did you see that coming or were you surprised? 

7. Did you have a favorite scene? Which one and why?

8. Which character could you relate to most? Least? Why?

9. How did you feel about Luke leaving Piper? Did you understand and agree with his decision?

10. Which scene  was the most suspenseful to you? Why?

11. Who would you cast as Luke and Piper? 

12. Detective Eric Hale, Luke's partner, uses humor often in the story. Do you know anyone (maybe yourself) who uses humor in tense situations? If you liked Eric, you can read his story this June (2016) and find out how his sister died. 

Check out the Pinterest Fatal Reunion board and see who I cast as the characters as well as glimpse some scenes. If you enjoyed the story and have a book board, I'd love for you to add Fatal Reunion! Thank you!

I love to write listening to music. Certain songs whether the emotion behind the lyrics or the lyrics alone help me see the scenes like a movie. Here is a playlist I created on Spotify and listened to as I wrote Fatal Reunion. Are there any scenes you might connect to a particular song?

Thanks again for stopping by and reading Fatal Reunion

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