Project Rescue

Project Rescue is a ministry that I have loved for many years. I’ve always had a heart for young girls trafficked into the sexual slave industry. It’s growing every day and even here in the United States.

“Project Rescue's presence has expanded to include eleven such havens where sex workers' young daughters find compassion, transformation, and a new meaning in life. Through these shelters and other efforts, our multi-dimensional rescue ministry has brought freedom to over 1,000 young women and girls in India and Nepal. Our Homes of Hope give refuge to children in eleven Southern Asian and Eastern European cities, including Mumbai, Calcutta, Pune, Nagpur, Katmandu, and Moldova. Plans are also underway to begin ministry sites beyond India in Russia and the Ukraine.” ~Project Rescue website

Visit the Project Rescue site for yourself. You can read more about their ministry, sign up for their newsletter, follow them on facebook, and connect with them through their blog.

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