Random Fun Facts About Jessica

1. I've had nearly every color of hair.

This is the elephant I rode!
2. I've been on an elephant ride in Burma.

3. I hit a police car, shattering glass all over him to the point he couldn't get out of his vehicle until assistance arrived. I didn't get a ticket.

4. I broke into an abandoned house with my friend and brother. We were going to turn it into a haunted house. I guess we forgot we couldn't make money on a house THAT WASN'T OURS! And when my mom called us for dinner, we had to go home and stop the decorating process...now known as Graffiti.

Me and my husband
about to take a ride! 
5. Resolved to the idea I was adopted, I scoured my mom's drawers looking for my adoption papers...I found the Christmas list. I got the Barbie canopy bed that year. I acted surprised.

6. I gave my hand at poetry but when my sister found it she took it to my mother and told her I was suicidal. I stopped writing it.

7. I started a horror novel when I was sixteen but I had to stop because I scared myself half to death.

8. I like the smell of gasoline (I do not sniff it!).

9. Cats terrify me.

10. I'm afraid of open heights; I climbed on the fridge (not for fun, I was dusting the tops of the cabinets) and was too afraid to come down. My husband came home at lunch and took me down. Yes, he really did.

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