Dangerous Obsession-Fun Facts

  1. My sister, who is a therapist, helped me plot this story. She gave me all the psychology. We had a lot of fun talking creepy scenarios. The not-so-fun part was that she had seen some of these types of behaviors in her clients (without revealing any confidential information to me) and that made me sad. 
  2. I plotted this while sitting at my pool one summer.
  3. Wilder’s hidden talent was only revealed to me when he actually started doing it. I was like, hey, I had no idea you knew how to do that! Sweet.
  4. I wanted Cosette to be “average” compared to most romantic heroines. She was not model thin at all. She loved to eat. Hated to exercise. And whined about her weight whilst eating cake. Anyone else relate besides me? 🙂 Wilder dug her curves and I admire that!
  5. I toyed with the idea of making Renny Wilder’s little girl, but changed my mind. 
  6. I had to rework several scenes JUST to make ONE line by Beckett and Shep work and be believable. It was worth it. I love one-liners. Can you guess which scene? I’ll give you a hint…it comes after a kiss.
  7. I love writing cameos, so this was fun to be able to add everyone, especially at the end showcasing their “super powers” and where they all were at the end. Did you like that?
  8. I plan to use this power house team in future books! More cameos.