Just the Way You Are – Fun Facts

  1. I never had any intention of writing another novella after Hope Under Mistletoe, but readers began emailing me and asking if there would be any more, specifically about Audrey (Eden’s BFF) and Cassie (who worked for Knox). I was shocked that people were so interested but also super excited. I talked to my agent and 3 more novellas came to life!
  2. Audrey was fun to write because she’s a goofball like yours truly. I’m loud, sometimes obnoxious (sorry) and well to be honest, many times I’ve felt like I wasn’t enough. I can cook, though!
  3. It was hard to find the right guy to cast for Pastor Gabe. I chose Noah Wyle because he’s a nice looking guy but he also has that approachable, friendly appearance too.
  4. I held a facebook contest and asked people to help me name Audrey’s cats. The winners had their names mentioned in the book as characters!
  5. Funkytown plays on Audrey’s phone at a most inappropriate time. That’s my husband’s ring tone on my phone! Ha!
  6. I’m not a cat person. I like them from afar. 🙂
  7. I got the idea for a high school boy crushing on Audrey from my own experience. I had a junior high boy who used to come into my office when I was the Director for an after school program. He said I should have waited to get married until he was older. He’s now married with two kids.