Top 5 Things I Hate About Fall

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Fall is my favorite season. Seems like it’s a favorite of many. I’m sure I’ve commented on dozens of things I love about Fall. 

But what about the things I don’t? I think they should be voiced. So here they are:

5. Dew

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I do not like Dew because my annoying rat of a dog won’t go outside. It’s like she wakes up and knows it’s going to be wet, therefore some mornings she won’t even come out from under the bed. I know when I get back from dropping my kids off at school, she’s going to have dropped a load on my floor. I’d say I just don’t like my dog in Fall, but I don’t really like her all year round so…

4. Confusion

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It’s cold in the morning but by afternoon it’s sunny. How are we supposed to dress? Flip-flops and Hoodies? What if my feet get cold and my torso gets hot? I can’t hang my flip-flops… well anyway…

3. The lazy sun

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I think it’s unfair that the sun gets a break from shining a full day’s work. I don’t like that it gets dark at 2 in the afternoon. I have to keep going, I think the sun should too. I don’t care if it’s all part of some lunar/planety kind of we-would-fall-off-the-earth kind of thing. “Where there’s lack of vision, the people perish.” Just sayin.

2. Possessed People

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I do not like flipping on the TV or changing a channel to see the Exorcist kid’s head turning like an owl’s or children crawling along the ceiling and walls only to shriek and cock their head to the side. Children with wide eyes that do that cocking-head-thing freak. me. the. crap. out. Down with the scary children and possessed teenagers who live in a creepy house!

And the number one thing (I almost thought possessed people were the worst, but no…)

1. Trick or Treaters (bet you thought I was gonna say Candy Corn didn’t you? Blech!)

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Not just any trick or treater. I love the cute little chubby kids with dog noses and puppy ears. I grin at princesses and tiny little knights. I’m talking about those bratty tweens that are technically too old and they know it, so they show up in NO COSTUME AT ALL and expect a treat. 

Okay, so maybe not no costume at all, but they wear Camouflage pants and shirts. Really? That’s not a costume. I live in the south. That’s day-wear, night-wear, date-wear, wedding-wear, school-wear, and even church-wear down here. It doesn’t count. And they know it. They just want the candy.

Yeah, I got their treats this year. 

Have a great weekend, ya’ll! 
What’s your favorite Halloween treat?

24 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I Hate About Fall

  1. Hahaha. I don't do scary movies! There are way too many of them on this time of year. And I'm the mean neighbor who turns the porch light off around 7:30. I've learned all the cute, little trick or treaters usually get here early. 🙂

  2. Jess, you crack me up!!

    Fall is my favorite season too. Both boys were born in the fall (one on Halloween) and Hubby and I were married in the fall.

    I hate the early nights, but when it gets dark at 5 PM, that means I can put on PJs. 😀 I hate scary movies and possessed kids–I deal with children on a daily basis. I don't want to see them as Chuckie's friends….although some days…. Where we live, we get like 5 trick-or-treaters, so we stopped turning on our light. But I still insist on buying candy every year.

  3. Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Hilarious! You make me laugh, girl! I have to confess that I love the early nights. There's something about it that makes me shut down earlier and sleep. I actually get a better night's sleep this time of year….just what the doctor ordered!

    p.s. I LOVE CANDY CORN!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Haaaa…I'm now scared on behalf of the bratty teens in your town. Hehehe…

    And I'm with Sherrinda…I LOVE candy corn. But you already knew that.

    I love fall, too. It's totally my favorite, and there's very little I don't like about it. BUT…one thing I don't like is that little niggle of dread in the back of my mind that the season's going to be too short and I'll be in the middle of a blizzard before I know it. Truth is, I actually really enjoy the first month or so of winter, too, but there's always that layer of knowing my time is coming…when snow and white and cold will turn me all seasonally claustrophobic. 🙂

    1. At least you have Arizona to look forward to in Feb…no snow here! 🙂

    2. You should be scared! lol

      I like looking at winter–through a window. 🙂

    3. You should be scared! lol

      I like looking at winter–through a window. 🙂

  5. HAHAHAH!!!! Well, I live in the North and we have the same issue with camo–especially during hunting season. Oh boy. I do a little trick for those kids, I mean, they SAY "trick OR treat", right? And if they don't like it, I make them dance for their candy. No lie. I do. I'm just waiting for the year I'll be egged…

  6. You are hilarious! I'm with you on every point, especially the possessed people.

  7. Funny!

    Candy Corn rocks.

  8. Snickers and oddly enough I like dew. Wonder what that says about me.
    ~ Wendy

  9. Ha! This weather IS confusing. LOL


  10. Yum, yum, candy corn. I need to go get some. Haven't had any yet!! Wah!!

    And I agree about the bratty tweens. So annoying!

  11. Reeses Pumpkins. There is just something about the extra-thick peanut butter that gets me every time!

    And, I hate to disappoint, but – candy corn! I get cravings for the stuff!

  12. My favorite Halloween treat this year will be seeing my little girl dressed up as a Princess Fairy while wearing her bow hunting pink camo hat as her tiara! Talk about RED NECK BABY! Love it

  13. Lol, yeah, I hate the confusion, too. Especially with kiddos. I have to have two or three jackets out because of the temperature changes during the day.

    My favorite treat? Probably Resee's Pieces.

  14. Ya'll are making me hungry for Halloween treats! Minus the candy corn!

  15. So hilarious! I can't stand the grownups or teens that are dressed in black with a SCREAM mask on…and they don't say a word…I'm thinking I need to let my Shiloh Shepherd out of her cage to attack if they take one step closer…

    And I posted on fall, too, though I took a somewhat cheerier angle on it. I love the way the sun slants on fall evenings. But it does mean winter is on the way….

  16. I don't like the little girls dressed like hootchie-mamas and the boys dressed like axe murderers!

    And yuck on candy corn!

  17. Oh too funny! I usually love Fall, except for this year (and every year) the leaves have dropped from the trees leaving them naked sticks by the middle of September. AND we've had snow. The last two days. Not cool. At all. I want Fall to last forever and winter only a little bit. Though I do like looking at it through a window too. 😉

  18. Oh Jessica! I'm sharing this. You've pegged it, Girl! This is my all-time favorite season, but your top 5 are just about the same as mine. Except for the rat dog one. My dog is just the opposite – wants out to get wet and muddy, then comes running back in expecting me to welcome her with laughter and a warm spot on the hearth. She gets shrieks and banishment to the kitchen. Poor thing. I say that because I actually like my dog. 🙂

    Truly a Jessica Patch post.

  19. My dogs love fall. They're invigorated by the bright cold days here on the high desert of New Mexico.

    The downside's the wind. It always seems to come from the preferred direction to cause the most trouble.

  20. Junior Mints are my fave. And I won't watch the slasher/possessed movies either. Ewwww…

  21. I am not a fan of fall either. The cold weather is the worst part, but I hate trick or treaters. Especially when I don't know them. What makes it OK for a stranger to walk up to my house and demand food? AND it's encouraged by their parents.


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